FREE credit education workshop

Every 2nd Wednesday at 6

And 4th Saturday @ 11
Marlene Rose-Vigil 303.564.3248

Don’t Settle for Less Than Perfect Credit:
Not sure why people think they have to settle for less than perfect credit. Maybe they do not know there are lawful ways to change it. She guarantees, you know someone who has this incorrect thinking. All you need is 100% of the correct information. She wants people to understand they have options by learning the rules of this credit game (and it is a game!)

Over 50 years of consumer protection, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), has been under our radar. We are not taught credit literacy and our ignorance of our rights under this law becomes the bliss of the credit agencies’ and the financial system (credit cards, bank, lenders, etc.). What “they” do not want us to know are the rules, under the FCRA, of the credit system. You have a right to one free credit report per year from each of the three big credit agencies, Transunion, Experian, and Equifax. (Visit
to pull your credit report.) You have the right under FCRA to receive notice when something negative has been reported about you. Negative items reported can legally and permanently be removed from your credit report.


Youth Entrepreneurs Workshop

Cheryl Lola Lucero (720) 299-5268 or e-mail

Are you between 12 to 17 years old? Have you ever thought about starting your own cool business? If so, then THIS FREE class is for YOU!
To register for this class™ or have questions please contact: Cheryl Lola Lucero

Lucero Small Business Services (LSBS) Mission Statement: To EDUCATE, EMPOWER, and MOTIVATE youth & adults to develop economical, sustainable communities via
entrepreneurship/small business ownership. By establishing solid community and business collaborations, students and clients benefit with access to a myriad of experts who assist them to successfully grow their for-profit or non-profit entity!


Classes and reading offered by Miguel Chiquin via Skype

miguelStarting May 20th at 7:00pm

Cost will be $25 per person

Readings will be $50 a reading using by Paypal and using Skype.
Contact Mavis Salazar at to schedule.

This will be the first class in the series of walking with the JAGUAR feline feminine energy who are now leading the destination of humanities in the next five thousand years of the FIFTH SUN. Miguel will be giving this class once a month from his home in Guatemala.

If you would still like to get an Energy reading he will be offering those by appointment only using