Yoga with Divinity Hernandez

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Pregnancy Yoga and Massage Yoga

Every Monday through Thursday

Cost: 10.00 Drop in 20.00 for 4 Classes

Divinity Hernandez is delighted to offer this wonderful class. If you’re pregnant this class is for you! Who wouldn’t want an easier, healthier and safer; pregnancy, labor and post birth experience? This one hour class was developed as a style of yoga for the purpose of a healthy pregnancy, labor and post birth experience. She has given birth to two children without western methods and she is currently pregnant! This is going to be fun! Whatever your birth plan, lifestyle or spiritual path, health is important to us all. We are all inclusive so follow your own birth path; we would love to give you information, tools and options so you can plan what suits your family best. This yoga class will include some massage, self love, physical pregnancy safe asana (yoga poses), breathing, meditation, birth preparation, birth muscle development and labor pain relief techniques. Birthing partners are more than welcome to join in and addend in support of their spouses and or dear friends. Anyone can give birth naturally, we are made to. The clouded mind is the biggest obstacle we face in all areas of life. This will benefit a healthy blood flow, exercise, stretching for pregnancy, reduce morning sickness, relaxation, healthier brain and hormone chemistry, detoxification, and banish aches and pains and much, much more!

Divinity Hernandez is a licensed, certified and insured massage therapist specializing in neuromuscular therapy and energy work. Certified yoga instructor, taught privately by Marta berry school of yoga certification. Continuous private study, reflection and practice of mind, body and spirit for 15+ years
FREE credit education workshop
Every 2nd Wednesday at 6

And 4th Saturday @ 11
Marlene Rose-Vigil 303.564.3248