Wellness Services

Spiritual Guide:

We will help you co-create your future. We believe that everything happens to us to help us grow towards our goals in life. We will help you understand that the ability to bring compassion into your own life will help balance the swirls of confusion.



Ø  Herbs consultations

Ø  Spiritual Guidance and Life Coach

Ø  Soul Retrieval

Ø  Medical Qi Gong

Ø  Heart to Heart Talks (Platicas)

Ø  Limpia’s

Ø  Axitional Attunement

Ø  Psych-k

Ø  Mind, Body, and Soul Alignment using Traditional Healing Techniques of the Turtle Island

Ø  Chakra Healing Techniques

Ø  Sound Therapy

Ø  Aromatherapy

Ø  Quantum Healing

Ø  Earth Medicine

Ø  Aroma Qi Healing

Ø  Spiritual Readings

Ø  Hand & Foot Reflexology

Ø  Detox body wraps & Foot Spa

Ø  Reiki

Ø  Massage Therapy