Yoga with Eutimia Cruz

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Restorative Yoga and Breathwork

Every Sunday at noon

All ages

Cost: Donations

Eutimia Cruz Montoya is a lifelong dancer, singer, artist and healer. She holds a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from Southwest Acupuncture College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Anthropological Sciences from Stanford University. Eutimia has been teaching yoga for three years. Her teaching style incorporates her years of experience in ritualistic movement with her formal education in the social, energetic, and healing arts.

Her yoga classes focus on the foundational and structural alignment principles of yoga asana. She emphasizes pranayama, or breath practice, loops and spirals (the energetic directional principles of yoga), consciousness, and meditation. Her classes are geared toward building strength in all aspects of the Self- body, spirit, and mind.